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We told you it was coming.

The CDC did the study, they discovered a risk, they covered it up…..until now. One of their very own researchers has blown the whistle and released all their original documents…..and oh boy.

If you have children in your family or work with children, you have to see this film.

If you work in healthcare, you have to see this film.

If you know anyone with autism, you have to see this film.

If you care about humanity and civil rights, you have to see this film.

You have to come with an open mind and get a glimpse of what has happened to so many of America’s children. This isn’t a joke or a debate, this is our life, their lives and they MATTER.

If we hadn’t read the documents ourselves, hundreds of other studies and lived it every day, we wouldn’t believe it either. We as parents and a society simply can’t afford to let our egos and fears get in the way of figuring this out.

Never again can we say we didn’t know. Never again can we say the science is settled and pretend we know it all. The documentary they don’t want you to see is making it’s Minnesota debut on May 27th.

Please come. We are personally inviting every single one of you.

Tickets will be on sale soon and we’ll update with that link when we have it.