Advocacy for Vaccine Choice

In order to protect vaccine choice in Minnesota—as well as nationwide—we must be willing to educate the public, our family and friends, and our legislators. Here are some simple steps anyone can take:

Write Your Legislators

While a handwritten letter is best, an email is still a good option when time and resources are limited. Let your State Rep and State Senator know why vaccine choice matters to you.

letter to editor

Write A Letter to the Editor

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about your position on legislation that affects vaccine choice. Keep it short and share your personal story.  Star Tribune Submission Guidelines.

Email your local radio station about this issue, ask the to address it, and share your position opposing the legislation.

Coffee Session

Attend Legislative Coffee Hours

You’re invited to meet with legislators each month right in your own community. It’s a great way to get to know your legislator and like-minded citizens, while sharing the importance of vaccine choice. When you join VSCM, we’ll pair you with a legislative liaison in your district.


Improve Public Access to Information

Verify that your local library carries DVDs, books, and other educational materials that inform readers about potential vaccine risks.

Want to Help Now?

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Base your level of involvement on your availability, not experience. We can even connect you with an experienced vaccine choice advocate for more guidance.

 No time to spare

At minimum, we ask that all VSCM members:

1-2 hours a month to spare

We get it. You have a demanding job, either at home or in the office. For many, you have both. Rest assured there are things you can do to help secure vaccine choice in Minnesota.
  • Write your legislators at least one time a year
  • Be prepared to call or write your legislator when an immediate response is needed; this happens about 2-3 times per year

5-10 hours a month to spare

This works out to about 1-2 hours each week, and is the level at which our most active users contribute their time and advocacy efforts.
  • Be prepared to call or write your legislator when an immediate response is needed; this happens about 2-3 times per year
  • Monitor and share vaccine-choice legislation
  • Build relationships with your legislator(s) by attending their coffee hours to educate them about the importance of vaccine choice as often as necessary
  • Volunteer to educate other VSCM Community Members or do community outreach