Aaron Siri in Minnesota

Before a packed audience, Mr. Siri gave a mind-blowing exposé of the broken vaccine program in the United States.

Every parent, doctor, and legislator must watch this presentation before they make another decision regarding vaccines!

Included in the video are the critically important slides, which provide statistics and links to the data supporting every fact Mr. Siri reported.

*And most of the truly damning evidence comes directly from government sources like CDC, FDA and NIH!

Take Action!

  1. Please share this video with your legislators, then set up a meeting to discuss any questions they may have after watching it.  
  2. Contact us if you need an advocate to attend your meeting with you.
  3. If you have not yet asked them to sign the Medical Liberty Pledge, click on the link below to do so NOW!  Nearly 1,000 constituent messages were sent to our lawmakers about the pledge in the past two days.  Keep sharing the action alert with every Minnesotan!!
  4. Continue to follow up with your elected officials regularly.