Minnesota Needs a Reminder of Where Walz Stands on Forced Vaccines

After refusing numerous invitations to go before the public and defend his record in office, Governor Tim Walz finally sat down to debate Dr. Scott Jensen yesterday on MPR radio.  This, with 11 days until the election and a large percentage of Minnesotans having already voted.

During the largest and only statewide televised “debate night” for the top state offices held on Sunday, October 23rd, Governor Walz was a conspicuous no-show.  But interviewers still asked questions of Dr. Jensen, who is running to unseat Walz in the governor’s race.  Watch the debate HERE

In answer to one of these questions, Dr. Jensen made it clear that if he were Governor, there would be no mandate for the experimental and liability-free COVID shots for children to attend schools and daycares in Minnesota.  He correctly stated that these shots have serious issues related to safety and efficacy, and that parents must be able to choose whether their children receive one.

During yesterday’s debate, Dr. Jensen challenged Governor Walz with this:

“Are you going to tell parents that their kids can go to school if they say no to the COVID vaccine?” 

Walz deflected by stating that Dr. Jensen misunderstood the process and that it was not the governor’s decision to make.  Mr. Walz may have been referring to the procedures that must be followed to get vaccines added to Minnesota’s “recommended” schedule.  

But the question was broader, because when a governor decides to declare an emergency, he or she is granted extraordinary powers.  We all watched  Governor Walz abuse these powers through forcing masks, locking seniors in care facilities, and shutting down schools, businesses, and churches. 

And based on his prior statements related to vaccine choice, it is clear that the governor would use any self-granted authority to impose his will, and force vaccines on Minnesota children.

For perspective, we ask you to read this important article (also printed below) first published by VSCM on June 27, 2020 –  just 3 months into the lockdowns.

*Please note that some of the links in the original article are no longer working.

The End Game

It’s been a frustrating time of mixed messages, confusing regulations, and dire predictions in Minnesota. There is a stark contrast between government/media fearmongering and the reality of what we continue to learn about COVID-19. And there seems to be no end in sight to the emergency power Governor Tim Walz has granted himself.

What is Governor Walz’s end game?

One goal Walz has long held is to take away his constituents’ legal right to decline vaccines. Could he (like federal health officials and their partner, vaccine billionaire Bill Gates) be hoping to keep people scared until there is a lucrative vaccine to force on us?

Flashback to a year ago:

The Minnesota Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics conferenced with Senator Richard Pan in July 2019 and later reported that they had “identified Minnesota legislators willing to co-author a bill” to eliminate non-medical vaccine exemptions. Senator Pan is the heavily pharma-funded doctor who engineered the removal of exemptions for school admittance in California (SB277). His playbook is now in high demand among other vaccine-peddling groups.

Shockingly, the September MNAAP newsletter states that elimination of non-medical exemptions to vaccination was their number one priority. Wow. Not healthier kids. Not identifying risk factors for SIDS or other actual childhood killers. Not reducing the 54% of children who now suffer from chronic illnesses. Nope. Their number one goal is to eliminate your right to decline a potentially deadly medical intervention for which the manufacturers cannot be sued for damages. Read the newsletter here.

Vaccine promotion is so deeply ingrained in the AAP agenda they actually encourage pregnant women to get flu vaccines.

This recommendation goes completely against the data reported by the manufacturers themselves. Every flu vaccine package insert carries a similar message, such as: ‘Safety and effectiveness have not been studied in pregnant women or nursing mothers.’ Or: ‘There are no data in pregnant women to inform the vaccine-associated risks.’

The Minnesota Medical Association is another professional organization that excessively promotes vaccines, and on September 21, 2019, Governor Walz gave a speech to them. He covered many topics, but his most alarming statement was the implication that he planned to “lean in” (using his authority) to remove Minnesotans’ rights regarding vaccines:

“The immunization issue – we have got to do better,” Walz told the MMA. “I am going to ask and look for your help. I’m going to lean in a little bit more with the authority and things we have to make sure for all the right reasons, the science that makes things work, the herd immunity issue. I’ve got a 12- year-old in public school and I’m not going to tell you that there’s not some self-interest in me. I don’t want unvaccinated people putting him at risk at where he can be. Your voice speaks a lot louder than mine on these issues.”

Yes – with a full-time lobbyist at the Capitol and a well-funded PAC to buy their chosen legislators, the MMA certainly does have a louder voice on vaccines.

Although Walz expressed frustration with the pharmaceutical industry, he also stated that Minnesota’s vaccination rates are not “where they need to be”. He gave no indication as to where he thinks they are, or where they “need to be”. But with less than 1% of Minnesota 7th -graders (kids the age of Walz’s son) having vaccine exemptions, there should be no danger to his vaccinated child. Of course, even 100% vaccine coverage does not mean protection from disease.

Apparently Governor Walz is unaware that the United States already has far and away the most heavily vaccinated children in the world. And since American babies die more in infancy than any other developed nation on earth, clearly all those vaccines are not saving them. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/infant-and-child-

Walz seemed to ingratiate himself with an association which spends over 40% of their funds on lobbying and communications and works hand-in-hand with the pharmaceutical industry. His threat to use his “authority” was an eerie foreshadowing of the power he now holds.

He also said:

“Many decisions that happen, and even if they’re not the right decisions, are certainly not done out of malice or even ideological differences. A lot of times they’re done out of ignorance. They’re done out of not having a full set of facts or a full set of implications, brought in by people who understand those…”

This is an interesting statement. Walz was clearly admonishing those who make decisions that differ from his own, insinuating that those choices are made out of ignorance. But Governor Walz repeatedly shows his own ignorance about vaccines by parroting public health officials and trade associations, while ignoring facts about vaccine dangers and our conflict-ridden vaccine policy. View his entire speech here (link is an automatic download).

The Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota, along with several other health freedom organizations, met with three members of Governor Walz’s staff on November 1st, 2019, to provide important vaccine facts that are deliberately concealed by groups like MMA, AAP, and MDH. We were assured that our next step would be to meet with the Governor directly, but after being stonewalled for months, COVID-19 happened.

“Stay Safe, Minnesota”

No one can fault our leaders for trying to do the right thing to protect people, and Governor Walz made some difficult decisions early on. But as the “facts and implications” became clearer, his words spoken to the MMA reflected back on him again. Walz – like everyone else in leadership – did not know what they were dealing with, and many initial decisions were made out of ignorance.

Governor Walz stated boldly on April 30th that those who felt he overreacted were wrong. But let’s face it – April 30th was way too early to know whether he overreacted. We are still learning new things every day.  Here is just a small sampling of facts we’ve learned in the past 8 weeks since Governor Walz pompously claimed we were “wrong”:

* The death model the entire panic was based on was shown to be off by millions of people, and the author has resigned his position. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oXJ3Zyw_F8

* Whistleblower doctors disclosed the disturbing fact that the CDC, WHO, and MDH were instructing doctors to falsely code deaths as due to COVID-19. This renders any death statistics totally useless.

* Ventilators turned out to be the wrong treatment and likely contributed to the high death toll.
https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/doctors-for-some-ventilators-may-do-more-harm-than- good/2220913/

* Minnesota has gone from a robust budget surplus of $1.5 billion to a deficit of $2.5 billion and counting.

* Mental health issues are rampant, and elderly Minnesotans are dying from isolation.

* Unemployment is at record levels.

* The public education of Minnesota’s students was completely disrupted or destroyed.

* Well over half of the deaths in Minnesota have occurred in nursing homes or LTC facilities.
https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/situation.html#noisod1 MDH also reported that 97% of Minnesota’s COVID-19 fatalities had underlying health conditions. Once we learned who was most vulnerable (those over 80, and/or with chronic health issues) the shift could have been to protect them and let the rest of us try and salvage what was left of our careers, mental health, and education.

“Stay Home, Minnesota”

Governor Walz’s priorities have been questionable throughout the COVID-19 situation, like allowing a large candy store to open (supposedly because they sold apples) before he opened houses of worship. After the disturbing murder of George Floyd, his leadership became even shakier.

People clearly didn’t want to “stay home”. They were justifiably angry, and despite more dire predictions, there were no COVID-19 outbreaks among the Black Lives Matter protesters (or for that matter, when protesters stormed the Governor’s residence to protest the lockdown 6 weeks earlier). https://www.msn.com/en- us/health/medical/minnesota-sees-no-rise-in-covid-19-cases-tied-to-protests-health-official/ar-BB15QQhU

Walz claimed in one of his daily news briefs that he was looking out for the health and safety of all Minnesotans. But those who have lost jobs and businesses aren’t safer. Those suffering from isolation, anxiety, and other mental issues aren’t healthier. And those who are educated about vaccine dangers don’t feel safe, knowing that Walz plans to shut down vaccine choice the way he shut down everything else he didn’t consider “essential”.

In the midst of all the uncertainty and fear, a fascinating piece of information came out last week.

Researchers looked at death trends from other causes during the lockdown, and a white paper released by Health Choice shows that death among infants has DECREASED during the lockdown. https://healthchoice.org/lessons- from-the-lockdown/

Over 200 infant lives per week have been saved in our country, with anecdotal reports by ER doctors showing that some have observed a decline in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) during the lockdown. It’s too early to determine what percentage of the 200 infants saved per week would have fallen in the SIDS category, but with SIDS being one of the top two causes of death for American babies, it is likely to account for a good portion of the decrease.

Interestingly, one of the complaints of pediatricians and public health officials during the lockdown is that babies have been missing getting vaccines, and are therefore in more danger. Dr. Michael Osterholm (professor of public health and former MDH epidemiologist) added his spin during an NPR interview on June 17th. https://www.npr.org/transcripts/879255417

Dr. Osterholm insinuates that those who don’t trust everything they’re told by government and public health officials fit in with the “anti-science” movement, and he seemed surprised that recent polls show up to 30% of Americans would not take a COVID-19 vaccine (because of the anti-vaccine viewpoint).

It’s clear from the interview that Osterholm, who is considered an “expert”, clearly knows no more than anyone else about what COVID-19 will do in the future. He used a flu model to make many comparisons, admitted there have been multiple mistakes made so far, and answered ‘I/we don’t know’ or an equivalent statement over a dozen times.

But he was clear in his stance on vaccines:

“And one of the things I fear greatly is that a year from now, we’re going to be talking about COVID-related deaths in kids around the world, not from COVID, but from the fact that we virtually stopped our immunization programs to try to deal with COVID.”

Wow. As an “expert”, Dr. Osterholm is well aware that deaths from the measles had dropped to near zero long before a vaccine for measles was even licensed in Minnesota. And he knows that the last death in Minnesota having anything to do with measles was a child whose family was compensated by the Federal Government for his death from a measles VACCINE. Does Osterholm know or care that fewer babies have actually been dying during the lockdown?

Who then, is really “anti-science”? Health officials and “experts” often use their media influence to blatantly promote vaccines without revealing the documented dangers, the true history of diseases they were designed to prevent, and the complete lack of safety studies. Is it any wonder these officials have lost the public trust? Critical thinkers actually READ the science and educate themselves, instead of blindly trusting what someone with a clear agenda tells them.

The vast majority of deaths attributed to SIDS occur after a round of vaccines. This is not a coincidence. Some families compensated through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) for their baby’s vaccine-induced death had initially received the non-scientific diagnosis of “SIDS”.

Is it a coincidence that fewer babies are dying during the lockdown? Shouldn’t Governor Walz and our public health “experts” jump at the chance to find out? Especially knowing the U.S. pumps more vaccines into our babies than any other country on earth, while having a worse infant mortality ranking than 55 other countries.

Governor Walz has heard heartbreaking stories from Minnesota parents who lost their babies to vaccines. Maybe rather than use his self-granted authority to force more vaccines into our children, he could support an investigation into why our “health” system was allowed to create a bogus, non-scientific category for infant deaths 50 years ago, without making it a priority to do biomedical research on the increasing number of “SIDS” victims.

Healthy babies don’t just die, after all – there is always a reason. Aren’t lives preventably lost to vaccines just as precious as lives lost to disease?

“Stay Scared, Minnesota”

COVID-19 has taken its toll, and any loss of life is regrettable. But the entire human toll must be factored in when determining whether Governor Walz should be patting himself on the back for his actions.

Is Governor Walz politicizing COVID-19 in order to continue his dictatorial practices in Minnesota? Is the continued onslaught of fear-based propaganda Walz’s way of scaring people into complying with every ridiculous regulation he puts in place?

And most importantly – are forced vaccines a key part of his end game?


Remember that long before COVID, Tim Walz solicited the Minnesota Medical Association for help in removing Minnesota’s conscientious exemption to any vaccine, including completely ineffective ones like pertussis, mumps, flu, and chicken pox.

Think about how many facts have been revealed since we first published this article, including but not limited to:

  • The complete lack of efficacy of COVID shots to prevent transmission
  • The alarming safety signals federal regulators turned a blind eye to
  • The knowledge that children are not at risk from COVID
  • The over 19,000 reports of adverse reactions and deaths just in Minnesota

These things alone give Governor Walz ample reason to reject these dangerous shots for our children.  But by all indications, he will do the exact opposite and mandate them if given the chance.