Premature Babies Used As Lab Rats In Manipulated Vaccine Trials

By Christina England | January 23rd, 2012 | Category: Christina England, Top Stories |21 comments
Pharmaceutical companies treat premature babies like lab rats in vaccine trials.
While reading the results of a vaccination trial on premature babies funded by GlaxoSmithKline, I noticed something was not quite right.
The trial, whilst sickening in itself, was testing out the rotavirus vaccine on a group of 988 premature babies ranging between 27 weeks and 36 weeks.
The paper reporting the trial was published on the ‘Pediatric SuperSite’ and was entitled ‘Human rotavirus immunogenic, well-tolerated for preterm infants’ by Felix Omenaca MD. PhD, and colleagues (1) The paper stated the following:
“The researchers grouped preterm infants by ages — infants born at gestational ages 27 to 30 weeks and those born at 30 to 36 weeks. They administered rotavirus vaccine (RIX4414, GlaxoSmithKline) in two doses to 658 preterm infants, and 330 received a placebo along with routine vaccinations, including diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type B and poliovirus. Infants from France and Spain also received Streptococcus pneumoniae concomitantly; infants from Portugal and Spain also received Neisseria meningitides.

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