The Refusers


MB Comment: Here is a proposal from a CDC-associated stooge to have public health departments and vaccine fanatics sue vaccine refusers as public nuisances – before any outbreak of disease.

This masterpiece of vaccine fanatacism was recently published in the Michigan Law Review. This proposal represents a new escalation in the rhetoric coming from the drug industry-dominated CDC and public health establishment (The former head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding is now head of Merck’s vaccine division).

Left unsaid in this article is the vaccine establishment’s responsibility for creating the one and only epidemic currently raging in the US – neurological damage from vaccine adverse reactions. Who is going to hold them accountable?

This magnum opus does not bother with any definition of disease causation or specific evidence of disease transmission. Courts are simply supposed to assume that diseases are spontaneously generated and transmitted only by vaccine refusers.

Proposals like this betray the medical fascism that is at the heart of the public health profession and its puppetmasters in the CDC and pharmaceutical industry.

‘There is a strong public health argument in favor of strengthening existing measures to obtain the highest vaccination coverage rates to ensure community protection. It is possible for communities to confront personal belief exemptors—if they have the collective will …

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