The Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota held a press conference on 4/20/22 to highlight the need for a COVID-19 vaccine bill of rights.

Resolution HF2348 was introduced by Representative Glenn Gruenhagen with the purpose of defending the constitutional rights of Minnesotans and promoting sound science.

On December 22, 2021, a number of Minnesotans who were injured by COVID vaccines met with staff members of Governor Tim Walz. VSCM’s Executive Director attended the meeting, which was an opportunity for just a handful of the thousands of people who have been harmed by COVID shots to detail the extent of their injuries. One of these horrific stories was about 25-year-old firefighter who died from a COVID shot. After listening and taking notes, the governor’s staff stated that they would relay this information to Mr. Walz.

After repeated attempts to determine the next steps and meet directly with Mr. Walz, the vaccine victims were told that the governor would not take any action on this issue, nor would he meet with them directly. The group had a short and reasonable list of requests for the governor, including that they simply be acknowledged.

Governor Walz won’t even do that.

There have now been 1,247,129 COVID vaccine injury reports to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 27,532 deaths.

No victim has yet received a dime in compensation for the life-altering harm caused by COVID shots. And politicians like Tim Walz won’t even acknowledge that these injuries are occurring.

Suzanna Newell spoke about her devastating COVID vaccine injury.
Mark Bishofsky, former front-line care worker, spoke about failed medical policies.

Some mainstream media actually showed up for the Press Conference, but the only honest reporting we’ve seen came from Alpha News. Watch their excellent coverage HERE.

On the flip side, WCCO was there and filmed the entire press conference. But what we saw on “the news” a few hours later was a politicized piece where they didn’t bother to interview any of the injured people who spoke, but instead interviewed a legislator who did not even attend the press conference!

In the WCCO report, Representative Tina Leibling (who was not in attendance) was interviewed and stated the following:

This woman had no idea what was presented at the press conference, but she dismissively rejected it as “dangerous disinformation”. She also parroted the usual “safe and effective” message, despite the facts showing these shots are neither:

Too many legislators scream “disinformation!” to describe anything that doesn’t jive with their agenda, and yet they are unable to prove even ONE instance of said “disinformation”.

We believe Minnesotans need to show these legislators the door in November.

We also believe that people can judge for themselves whether what was said at the press conference was valuable information or “disinformation”.

Videos of the Press Conference speakers can be viewed HERE.

Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota extends our sincere gratitude to Representative Gruenhagen, and to all the speakers and legislators who took the time to attend.

Take advantage of an amazing opportunity to hear the inside story on how much propaganda we are fed by pharma-funded media. As you’ve seen, it takes place right on our local news channels every day.

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