Vaccines – Your Child, Your Choice

The state of Minnesota protects parental decision-making regarding vaccines.

At back-to-school time, most parents are given information suggesting that their children must receive vaccinations before they go to school.  But that is not correct; Minnesota parents are free to choose to vaccinate their child if and when they decide their child is ready, and only with the vaccines that they have thoroughly investigated and found necessary for their child.

It is your right to choose NOT to vaccinate your children before they go to school or day care.  Many Minnesota parents do extensive research, and allow only the vaccines they have determined are safe and necessary for their unique child – and only when those vaccines are appropriate.

The law in Minnesota simply requires that parents report to schools or day care centers whether or not their child is vaccinated.  If you choose not to follow the “one size fits all” schedule for your child, the only requirement is your statement with a notarized signature.  The Department of Health has a form you can use, or you can create your own form, indicating that you are conscientiously choosing to follow a schedule best suited to your child’s health status, or exempt them completely from vaccines.  The MN Department of Health website has information on how to obtain exemptions, including where you can find notary services at little or no cost.

If you are concerned about the safety of vaccines, the majority of parents agree with you.  Recent research shows that 89% of U.S. parents identified vaccine safety as the top research priority for them in managing their child’s health care.