Restricting Parent’s Rights to Opt Out of Vaccinations for Their Children

Vaccine Safety Council of MN (VSCM) opposes SF 380/HF 393, a bill which requires parents to visit a physician prior to obtaining an exemption from a vaccine mandate. This bill, if passed, would increase the hurdles parents must overcome if they choose not to vaccinate their children, or if they wish to use some but not others, or delay the doses.

The bill would require parents that choose not to follow the recommended schedule to visit a physician to receive education consistent with information published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on vaccine risks and benefits. Then they need to procure a signed statement from the doctor that they have received this information. In addition, parents must write a statement outlining which vaccinations they will not give their child, and why they do not wish their child to receive it, and sign a statement that they understand that their child may be barred from school during an outbreak of a disease that that vaccine is designed to prevent.

VSCM recognizes that vaccines can cause lifelong disability and death, and parents are the ones that must weigh the risks and benefits of all medical procedures, including vaccines. In addition, when giving parents information on which to base their decisions, they should be given truthful information about the actual risks of the vaccines, as well as the risks of the disease.

VSCM urges you to call your State Senator to oppose SF 380 and your State Representative to oppose HF 393. Help to stop this attempt to create increased hurdles for parents that wish to exercise their fundamental rights to direct the health choices and wellness path of their children.

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